What is Business Class Internet Access

What Is Business Class Internet Access

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Business class Internet access offers more features and options than residential Internet
normally does. Features like static IPs and higher bandwidth are things that most business
customers need and not so much for non-business users. Most businesses will prefer to
use business fiber as opposed to business cable, when possible. There is also a class of
service known as dedicated fiber Internet, this type of service delivers totally dedicated
bandwidth that is not shared with other uses, like business cable or fiber service does.

We offer business Internet connections that go all the way up to multi gigabit Ethernet.
Our most popular type of business class Internet is an Ethernet fiber line from 10 MB
to 10 GB. We offer nationwide service by way of all the top providers.

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Our specialty is helping companies obtain the best value for business class Internet
access from all the top national providers. We will save you time and money locating
the best connection for your location. There are no fees for our quotation services and
all connections are contracted directly between you and the carrier.

We do not share your contact information with anyone and only one trusted telecom expert
within our company will contact you regarding the quotations that we work on for you. We
deliver timely and comprehensive quotes and will do our best to earn your business.

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